Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EVALUATION - (What have you learnt about technologies throughout the proceess? AND Looking back at the preliminary task, what have you learnt?

Prior to me designing and making my product I had to go through a few processes to make sure my product was then produced to its best ability. Firstly I firstly took my photos I didn’t take into consideration if the camera settings where set to my preference which I needed, I didn’t check this so when it came to uploading my photos onto my computer the images were so small. From this learned that when taking photos or using any sort of equipment you should always double check if the settings are correct I also had to consider the location of my model whether the lighting would of been correct and suited what I wanted for my front cover, I came to the conclusion that if I had a white background then it would of proved to be an advantage as I could have more to work with and also I could change the background colour a lot easier, while taking photos I experimented with different angles and shots for my models simply because I wanted a variety of photos to work with and pick from. More so because I was unfamiliar with Photoshop as I’d never used it in that much depth l found it hard to grasp all the tools, I found that I was having difficulties using the clone button this was because I wanted my model to have clear skin so when I was cloning certain areas of her face the shadowing was becoming apparent in which I had t try and rectify this process was very time consuming. On the other hand I grasped the way of using the brightness and contrast as well as the colour balance I contained these editing styles into my magazine as I wanted some aspects of my magazine to look brighter, tools like this are best at handy when I wanted to rectify small and minor things that ultimately improve my magazine. The technology I was exposed to was limited but i used it all to my full advantage to produce my finished product.

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