Monday, 24 October 2011

The Horror Plot.

'Actor One' has a dream that she is being hunted down by a hooded figure. Throughout the dream there are instances where the person comes into contact with the figure. She sees herself being killed in the dream and when she wakes up the initial dream becomes reality. The dream takes up the first half of the trailer and the second half contains post dream. In the rest of the trailer, we see person one in different situations where she and the hooded figure again come into contact with one another.

Questionnaire & Research Results.

When conducting our research I made primary and secondary which involves producing research I done myself from making questionnaires and conducting interviews. Whereas secondary research involves collating information from articles and trailers where the analysis has already been completed and I would then analyse it. To make sure our research was effective we made a group questionnaire sheet to find out what our preferred audience like and dislike about horror trailers, posters and magazines. I have compiled a slideshare showing my results through pie charts.

What Makes A Good Photo?

I think this is a very effective stills photo taken from the film Insidious as it connotes a variety of different aspects in the film. First of all the dark background and lack of lighting connotes danger it also contrasts well with his pale fa├žade, blonde hair and vulnerable exterior  implies he may be a innocent character but then this is contradicted by the chains on his legs which suggests he is in trouble.  Also the boy seems to be in a grand house as it shown through the shadows in the background.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ancillary Task - Analysis Of Existing Products.

Since we've chose to produce a horror film trailer, my ancillary task is to analyse existing products on the market today such as horror film trailers, film magazines and posters. By completing this it will increase my knowledge on how to make my media project successful. I’ll be comparing my end product against the current existing products and covers all of the horror conventions.

Preliminary Task - Chase Sequence.

Within our preliminary task, we were given a rough plot by our teacher stating we had to produce a short film based on a chase sequence. As a group we collated some ideas and finally decided we wanted a girl to be mugged for her mobile phone. Within this small project we all had our own roles and responsibilities. My role was to play apart in the chase sequence as well as deciding costume ideas and making sure that they were consistent throughout the filming process. During the filming we gained a lot more knowledge on how to use digital technology by using the camera's in a more professional way from using it on a tripod to handheld. Once the filming was complete we then edited it all together on imovie and we all had a collective input on the final outcome. lastly we then created a short group presentation expressing our thought processes as well as an evaluation of the preliminary task.

Currently On The Market.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A2 Media Studies - Media Production.

Within the A2 media production we have to produce:

- Horror Trailer
- Two Ancillary Tasks
- Magazine Front Cover
- Horror Film Poster

For my year 13 practical production I will be working with Olivia Dixon, Amy Crow and Natalie Wood. Within our group we will be producing a horror film trailer with a poster and also a magazine cover. We chose to create a horror trailer as we thought it would be interesting to make and also we share a keen interest and an all-round good knowledge of the horror genre. Our intention for our trailer is to make it to a good enough standard to compete with other horror trailers/ films on the market today such as ‘Fright Night’ and ‘Paranormal Activity 2’. Our target audience will be in between the ages of 15 to 25 because that is the popular age range in which people go to view horror films.