Thursday, 10 February 2011

Good Photography.

Good Photography

This is an example of a photo I thought wasn’t as suitable when it became to looking through the variety of photos that were taken. This was firstly because it wasn’t a medium close up meaning that it wouldn’t of fitted the criteria of what was initially needed. I also noticed that the model wasn’t equally proportioned within the photo as she seemed to be more to the left making the photo seem very uneven and busy. More so I found that the background colours looked to bust and clashed with what was worn by the model.


I took photographs which would feature in the school magazine. I found areas within the school grounds which thought would suitable to show different locations in the school. I took a variety of photos making sure that i would have a wide variety to put on both my front cover and contents page.

Final School Magazine

This is my final School magazine front cover. I used main colours worn by the models so I could replicate this into my front cover. I made the whole front cover very simplistic and not to busy this is so that the audience don’t feel as though they are being over loaded with images and also text. This is then my final contents page, again I kept the three main colours straight onto the contents I did this because I wanted to show a sense of consistency throughout the magazine.

Preliminary Project School Magazine
As a part of my media studies project we were assigned to design and make a school magazine cover. There were a variety of conventions of a school magazine we looked at
Conventions of a front cover were:
- Sub-headings
- Large Image
- Colour Scheme
- Layout
- Date/Price/Barcode/Website
Conventions of contents were:
- Subheading
- Images
- Page Numbers
- Colour Scheme

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