Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Character Profiles.

I wanted to get an indication of what my audience liked and disliked so I have collated related information which I shall take into consideration in my final film trailer.
Name: Catherine Lamb
Age: 19
Occupation: University student studying Events Management at Northumbria University.
Earnings: Works part time at the O2 Academy - £350 a month.
Likes: Going to the cinema, shopping, listening to music and attending gigs and festivals.
Dislikes: Cooking, action films, plays and public transport!
What attracts you to see a film? I think the consistency within a film plays a big part when watching a film as well as the backing track.
What do you look for in a trailer? I like to be left wondering what’s going to happen next in the trailer. I don’t like too much being given away as this would tear me away from going to see the film.
What genre of film do you like? I open to every genre but I love a good horror once in a while, as weird as it sounds I like the thought of me being scared!

Name: Callum Forster

Age: 20

Occupation: Builder
Earnings: £650 per month
Likes: Playing video games, going out, watching football and films at home with his roommate.
Dislikes: Snakes, coffee, boring people and winter!
What attracts you to a film? I don’t really go to the cinema but I always buy DVD’s so I usually see what others think of it before I go and buy the DVD.
What do you look for most in a film? I like knowing the basic plot of the film, I hate being not in the loop that’s why I’m not keen on horror films!
What genre of film do you like? I enjoy watching a science fiction once in a while but I love a good action film! I’m still yet to see a horror film I’m a fan of.

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