Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ancillary Task - Production Companies

Working Title is a British film production company which was founded by Tim Bevans and Sarah Radclyffe in 1983. Working Title is based in London and produces films as well as television production. They have produced a variety of films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Shaun Of the Dead & Hot Fuzz.

Twentieth Century Fox Film is one of the major American film studios as of 2011. Popular films produced by Fox are X-Men, The X Files & Avatar.

Paramount is American film production & distribution company located in Hollywood. It is also one of Americas oldest existing film studio. Major films produced by Paramount include Friday the 13th, Star Trek & Paranormal Activity.

Sony also known as Sony Entertainment Pictures is also a film production and distribution company. Sony has produced a wide range of films from Men In Black, Karate Kid & Jeopardy.

Columbia is an American film production and distribution company based in Hollywood. It has produced and distributed film from Spiderman, The Grudge to Spiderman and Angels & Demons.

Spyglass Entertainment is also an American production company,. Spyglass are profoundly known from films like The Sixth Sense, Abandon & The Ruins.

New Line Cinema is a American Film Studio which was founded in 1967. It later merged with the 'sister' studio in 2008. Known films which has been produced by them are Rush Hour, Knock 'Em Up & The Mask.

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