Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Analysis of Horror Trailers.

Before creating our final horror trailer, I decided to analysis two horror trailers which are currently on the market to give me an insight into what common conventions appear in both trailers. It will also give me an indication into what we could incorporate into our final horror trailer.

Paranormal Activity 3

'Paranormal Activity 3' Movie Trailer on Vimeo.

Within the start of the trailer it gives as an indication of what to expect. The trailer begins with a medium shot of a fuzzy effect which then cuts to a handheld shot of two children on a trampoline this shows suggests to me that these children may be the main character who will be in danger. As the trailer continues there is an immediate shot of a mysterious girl which connotes convention of a horror trailer. The trailer then cuts to a shot of the children with the a woman this gives an indication of passage of time this is a good way of showing the audience which role each character may have. 

Throughout the trailer there isn't a backing track which is constant, the non diagetic sounds only builds to a steady crescendo when someone not of the norm happens adding a sense of eerie as well as fear of the unknown another typical horror convention. Dialogue is used when the girl is laughing which adds a sense of mystery and also disturbance. One of the most shots I think is effective is when the text appears which states 'BEHIND THE ACTIVITY' I think this is a very effective text massage as it links in with the name of the film. 

As the trailer continues you hear children singing 'Bloody Mary' repeatedly, in which the screen goes dark, this gives the audience an unnerved feeling. Soon after a silhouette appears behind one of the girl. The shot then fades to show the title of the film yet again showing the fuzzy screen effect like it did at he start of the trailer.

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