Sunday, 23 October 2011

Preliminary Task - Chase Sequence.

Within our preliminary task, we were given a rough plot by our teacher stating we had to produce a short film based on a chase sequence. As a group we collated some ideas and finally decided we wanted a girl to be mugged for her mobile phone. Within this small project we all had our own roles and responsibilities. My role was to play apart in the chase sequence as well as deciding costume ideas and making sure that they were consistent throughout the filming process. During the filming we gained a lot more knowledge on how to use digital technology by using the camera's in a more professional way from using it on a tripod to handheld. Once the filming was complete we then edited it all together on imovie and we all had a collective input on the final outcome. lastly we then created a short group presentation expressing our thought processes as well as an evaluation of the preliminary task.

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